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IT Storage Management​ Services

Uptime is greater control over your Storage environments.

Maximize Your Uptime

ParkView Storage Management™ brings our 30-year Storage expertise and in-house tools to support and optimize your block and file storage systems. Delivered by the ParkView Enterprise Operations Center (EOC), this managed service streamlines IT Storage operations by simplifying your storage environment’s management. With ParkView Storage Management solutions, our EOC provides you 24×7 monitoring of equipment health and performance, incident management, provisioning, patching, and optimization.

What Storage Management Means For You

See how the following features and benefits of our NAS and SAN storage management services can act as a force multiplier for your stretched IT team and budget.

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    Enterprise Monitoring as a Service
    Our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) monitors your storage environments 24/7.
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    Actionable Event Notification
    Our team will only notify you when there is an event that needs your attention, keeping you and your team focused on your organizational tasks.
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    Common Cause Identification & Actions
    When an event notification does occur, we don’t send an empty alert. Our team augments your event notifications with steps to remediate the incident and resource references to further help your team resolve the event.
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    Remediation as a Service
    Our team of highly skilled and experienced storage engineers can take event management one step further - not only providing you with common cause and remedial actions, but also remediating the issue on your behalf.
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    Vendor Call Management
    Storage arrays still under support with the OEM’s? With our storage monitoring as a service our team can open tickets with the storage OEMs on your behalf.
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    Hardware Maintenance
    Storage array no longer maintained by the OEM but is critical to your business? Our Storage maintenance team can extend the life of those storage arrays through our third-party maintenance offering.
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    Optimization, Provisioning, Configuration and More
    Based on the level of service your team is looking for experienced and skilled engineers can deliver – including Data Replication, SAN (Storage Area Network) Switch Configuration, storage performance management, optimization recommendations and provisioning.

Supported Storage Platforms

When you place your storage platforms under ParkView Storage Management™, you get access to best-in-class tools and a highly skilled team of experienced storage engineers capable of handling everything from monitoring to advanced triage and remediation.
How We Deliver Our Storage Managed Service

Our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) team will ensure a smooth deployment with an onboarding plan that includes custom-built set-ups for device management, custom dashboard creation and reports that meet your unique requirements.

The EOC is a fully staffed global 24x7x365 support organization. EOC technicians are multi-discipline engineers cross-trained in complementary technology stacks – Virtualization, Server, Networking, etc. The ParkView EOC team is vendor agnostic; your operating systems, hardware, and applications are not a roadblock. The EOC can monitor, manage your internal tools, support, and leverage it all.

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Support Options That Fit Your Storage Needs

Base Monitoring & Notification Plus Defined Remediation Full Enterprise Management
Enterprise Monitoring Backed by the 7x24 EOC
Actionable Alert / Event Notification
Common Cause Identification
Resource References with Remedial Action Steps
Defined Escalation Procedure
SAN Incident Management
Quarterly Health Checks
Vendor Call Management
Storage Optimization
SAN Switch Configuration
Data Replication
Hardware Maintenance
Customer-Driven Scope