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Increase staff productivity and efficiency while reducing the cost of delivering network availability with Entuity Software™. Our enterprise network monitoring software proactively alerts before service impact, and enables 99% reduction in event noise while reducing MTTR by 45%.
Entuity enterprise network analytics software

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Designed for today’s multi-vendor networks, Entuity Software™ enables NetOps teams to more efficiently and effectively monitor, visualize, and manage their networks.

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  • Monitor more valuable network metrics
  • Supports thousands of devices, from hundreds of vendors out-of-the-box (including any SNMP-compliant device)
  • Intelligent event management system
  • Extend beyond standard monitoring with user-defined polling
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  • Modern, responsive user interface
  • Dynamic network topology and geographic maps
  • Custom report builder plus over 100 out-of-the box reports
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  • Automated network discovery proactively adds and configures devices
  • Configuration monitoring and management
  • Intelligent automation
  • Federated architecture for seamless expansion
  • Support multi-tenancy to simplify management of multiple stakeholder event metrics
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Product Tour

See Entuity Network Monitoring Software in Action

Sure, dynamic network topology mapping and a modern, responsive user interface sound great – but they look even better!  Check out our short product tour to see Entuity Software™ in action.

Entuity Network Monitoring Software Product Tour
Designed for today's complex networks - Entuity empowers NetOps team to more efficiently and effectively monitor, visualize, and manage their networks.
Entuity Network Monitoring Software Product Demo
Designed for today's complex networks - Entuity empowers NetOps team to more efficiently and effectively monitor, visualize, and manage their networks.

Product Function Overview

Network Discovery
Continual network discovery provides an always up-to-date device inventory of your network assets. Entuity Software™ shows you more data than any other network monitoring solution.

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Network Topology
Dynamic network topology maps offer comprehensive visibility of your network, locally and worldwide. Drill down into individual devices and ports to see impacting network incidents.

See more network topology mapping software details.
Event Management
An advanced event management system organizes network alert data into higher-level incidents. Raised in response to one or more events, they allow you to focus on what’s important.

See more network fault management software details.
Flow & NBAR
Receive detailed analysis of flow information including conversations between source and destination ports. Observe network traffic patterns, trends, and drill down to the exact cause of issues.

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Application Path Monitoring
SurePath helps maintain application performance delivering the ability to see exactly how an application path travels through your network. SurePath identifies traffic bottlenecks that slow application performance.

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IP Address Management
Enables users to plan, track, and manage the IP address space used in their network in the context of IPv4/v6 networks and subnets.

See more details about Entuity IP Address Management here.

Entuity Network Monitoring Use Cases

Take a look at some of the most common use cases for our highly acclaimed network performance monitoring software.

Vendor agnostic network discovery and monitoring

Entuity can identify and monitor Network assets, SDN/WAN, DHCP, IP Addresses, Server and Storage assets. Providing IT teams end-to-end visibility and enabling them to take proactive measures to maintain optimal network performance and avoid downtime.

Troubleshooting and problem resolution

Entuity network performance monitoring software can identify issues with network devices, applications, and services, and provide detailed information about their root cause, enabling IT teams to quickly troubleshoot and resolve problems.

Capacity planning and optimization

By collecting and analyzing network performance data over time, Entuity can help IT teams forecast future capacity needs, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions about infrastructure investments.

Service level agreement (SLA) monitoring

Entuity can track the performance of critical assets delivering applications and services against SLAs, and provide alerts when performance falls below acceptable levels.


Entuity provides Out-of-the-Box configurable integrations to third-party tools like BMC Helix, BMC Remedy ITSM, ServiceNow, TrueSight Intelligence, Moogsoft, Slack and more. Entuity also offers a powerful API allowing IT teams to easily integrate with their tools.

Identifying network issues causing SaaS application intermittent slow response

By tracking the paths that application take through the network, including the Internet in the case of SaaS applications, bottlenecks and unexpected latency can be identified. This allows appropriate action plans to be developed based on measured anomalies taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting.

Diagnosing an overloaded WAN link

When expensive circuits are reaching saturation, particularly when it is not expected, flow monitoring using NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, etc, can be used to reveal the nature of the traffic. Understanding which pairs of hosts have the highest levels of traffic between them and which applications are dominant allows intelligent decision making that can avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Entuity Features

Supports thousands of devices, from hundreds of vendors out of the box
Support for SDX platforms
Configuration management and monitoring
Automate NetOps tasks
Infrastructure support – server/storage/cloud
Integration options with Park Place services

Recognized as Leader in Network Monitoring & Management by G2

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How We Compare with Other Network Monitoring Software

G2 Grid® for Network Management Software

Direct Access to our Solutions Architects

Our Tech Talks allow Entuity users firsthand access to our Solutions Architects. These regularly-scheduled, interactive sessions include details on new features and ideas for getting the most out of the enterprise network performance monitoring software. Check out some of the previous Talks, it’s a great way to get a feel for our community.

Speeds and Feeds to Business Intelligence
Follow a tech demo, and listen to Park Place CIO, Michael Cantor, talk about contextualizing your data in a meaningful way.
Telling Stories with Your Network Monitoring Dashboard
How do we use Entuity to solve a business challenge or technical problem within our work? Find out today from our Entuity engineers!
Entuity v21.0 Release Details
Learn about the Entuity v21.0 release details including IPAM, multi-server admin and topology enhancements, VMware monitoring enhancements, and more.
How Entuity Network Monitoring Uses Integrations
Learn where Entuity integrations can be framed in your greater networking stack today!
What’s New in User-Defined REST API Polling
Learn how Entuity can now provide support for sub-objects or sub-components, giving you access to important information that was previously out of reach.
Multi-Tenant Network Monitoring
Learn how how Entuity handles Multi-tenant Network Monitoring. In this Tech Talk we demonstrate how Entuity can provide segmented permissions for all your multitenancy needs.
Webhooks & Pull to Push Use Cases
A follow-up to our Leveraging User-Defined REST API Polling Tech Talk. In this session, we will build on that conversation moving from pull to push use cases.
User-Defined REST Polling
In this Tech Talk we focus how to utilize user-defined polling to support gathering data from non-traditional devices and sources.

Licensing Architecture

Licensing Types by Device

Full Device

Pool of license credits that covers all other fully managed devices (controllers, VM platforms and hypervisors, servers, and storage assets) not covered by Associated Device/Item and Basic Device credits.

  • Auto Discovery
  • Asset & License Management
  • Auto Topology/Geographic Maps
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Event Management
  • Basic Flow Monitoring
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Service Level Monitoring
  • Virtualization & Server
  • VoIP & Network Quality (IP SLA)
  • Reporting
  • Virtualization Management
  • User Defined Polling
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • NBAR Support
  • IP SLA Support
  • Cisco Unified Comm Manager (CUCM)
  • Quality of Service Monitor
  • Cisco ACI
  • Wireless
  • VPN Monitoring
  • Multi-Cloud Support
  • Server Monitoring
  • Storage Monitoring
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Restful API
  • Detailed Reporting
Basic Device

Pool of license credits that covers ping-only and basic managed devices. There are two types of management for basic devices:

  • Ping Only-checks for status via IMP
  • SNMP-polls the following metrics (but does not include any port data):
    • ICMP reachability % (including Down %, Uninitialized % and OK %)
    • Name (including Display Name)
    • Polled IP address
    • MAC address
    • Location
    • SNMP type
    • SysOID
  • Cisco Meraki (including routers, switches, APs etc)
  • Cisco Viptela (including devices from the vManage platform)
  • VMWare ESXi (VMs)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (VMs)
  • Amazon Web Services (VMs)
  • Microsoft Azure (VMs)
  • Aruba Wireless Controllers (APs)
  • Cisco Wireless Controllers (APs)
  • Configuration Management

    Pool of license credits that covers both Configuration Management and Configuration Monitoring-charged by device.

  • Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium

    Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium is an enterprise level license. Once purchased it can be used across all servers and devices.

  • SurePath Network Monitoring

    SurePath is licensed per path with a maximum of 100 paths per Agent.

Product Features

Consumption Models

On-Prem Perpetual
On-Prem Subscription

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